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On the Internet, you can find many solutions to unlock the radio code of your Ford car. However, few of these solutions are free. Thanks to this website, you will not have to pay a penny for your code and travel miles to a dealer or make calls. Enjoy this service unlimitedly at your own risk. We are not responsible for the use given to it.

Where to find serial number

You can find serial depending on what radio model you have installed in your Ford car. Here you can see all models ordered by popularity.

6000 CD radio

Turn it on and hold buttons 1 and 6. Different info start scrolling. Sometimes the serial appears with format V938399. Everytime it starts with V letter. Some radios don't display serial then you need to remove it.


Remove radio and find serial on the rear label.

4500 RDS EON

Turn radio on and hold buttons 2 and 6. Serial is displayed on screen starting with M letter.